Essay On Pollution In English For School Children - Environmental Pollution Essay

The surroundings where we live is called the environment. Today we are going to talk about the essay on pollution in English for school children.


Essay on Pollution in English

In school education Essay on Pollution in English is very important topic. This essay on pollution will help students getting good marks in exams.

We should keep the environment clean. Environmental pollution is the stage when pollutants contaminate the environment.

What do I mean by that? The term contamination means the farrago of any unwanted foreign substance in something.

Environmental pollution can drastically change the quality of natural resources like air, water, soil etc.

Present Scenario and effect of Pollution

The main reason for increasing pollution is human activity nowadays. Pollution harms more than we think. There is an urgent need to tackle this issue.

The governments of different countries are taking various steps to curb these effects. You may probably hear about The Paris Climate Agreement, which is signed by almost all major countries, including India. There is still a long way to go.

Many natural processes are getting disturbed due to pollution. Several flora and fauna either have gone extinct or are endangered. It’s all just because of drastic increment of pollutants in various natural resources.

Animals are losing their habitat.


Types of Pollution

There are four major types of pollution - Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Noise Pollution and Soil Pollution. Let me tell you one by one:

Air Pollution

It is mainly caused by harmful gases emitted by the vehicles, the industries/factories. Factories produce harmful gases by burning toxic substances like plastics. The refrigeration industry emits CFC. 

Essay On Pollution In English For School Children - Environmental Pollution Essay

Volcanic eruptions are the natural and major cause of the air pollution nowadays. Carbon and the dust particles string up with the air in the form of the smog damaging our respiratory system.

Water Pollution

Water pollution is another big challenge for humans nowadays. Water gets contaminated with any pollutant whether it is human waste or chemical discharge from industries.

Sewage waste, wastes from factories, are being dumped into water bodies such as canals, rivers, and seas directly.

Essay On Pollution In English For School Children - Environmental Pollution Essay

This has caused a loss of habitat for marine life and dissolved oxygen present in water bodies has started disappearing. There is a huge shortage of drinking water in urban as well as rural areas.

Soil Pollution/Land Pollution

A major part of the World’s population depends on agriculture. Farmers use lots of herbicides, fertilizers, fungicides, and other chemical compounds.

Human’s organic and chemical both waste harm the land and soil.

Noise Pollution

A large number of vehicles are not only causing air pollution but also the noise pollution.

Heavy machinery, loudspeakers, and old locomotives are also major reasons for noise pollution.

Other major Types of Pollution

Outer Space Pollution

Humans are not only active on the earth but also in space. Old and broken useless satellites are floating in earth’s orbit as space junk. This space junk is called space debris.

Israel’s moon lander Beresheet and ISRO’s Chandryaan 2 lander Vikram was crashed in the moon last year. It is also junk for the moon.

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